Friday, 17 December 2010

Playing Santa

I have been a bit busy the last 2 weeks with a little project I took on - playing Santa.  Okay, no I am not dressing up in a red and white costume (I know it is entirely possible with me) but I am essentially  playing Santa - I am delivering Christmas online orders for the top UK online stores ie. Next, Freemans, Lands End, Amazon, Topshop, Oli, Asos to name a few.  I wasn't going to blog about it because at first I was a little embarrassed, just a little aftermath of being ex South African - white woman do not rush around delivering ANYTHING let alone parcels.  Anyhow, I have gotten over myself and here I am telling the story.  I took the job because it is short term, 6 weeks, the pay is approximately what I was being paid before (per hour).  I work for about 4 hours a day and it is not permanent.  Surprise surprise I really enjoyed it for the first week.  99% of the people I deliver to are seriously pleased to see me.  1% are arrogant pigs!  and of course its the 1% that are pissing me off - big time!

What a fantastic experience.  One of the things I love about myself is my ability to get stuck in when necessary and make do.  I have a fairly small area, a pretty upmarket town - Framlingham.  The people I have met and had a little glimpse into the homes of, are amazing.  What a great opportunity to really get to know an area.  Getting to know a town in the UK can be quite trying to say the least.   2 4 6 8 running down one side of a street does not mean that 1 3 5 7 will be across the street - a few blocks down with 37 39 41 53 59 across the street is quite normal.  A street name and a town is an address - period!

After struggling for ages to find an 'exclusive' address 'The Vicarage' Parham, I asked the woman why she didn't have any sign up?  She replied 'I am not putting a sign up for a couple of Christmas deliveries, everyone knows The Vicarage, you should have knocked on a few doors in the village and someone would have told you where we were'.  Such incredible arrogance to think that I should be prepared to 'find' her.  Incredible house - I could see a murder mystery happening right there :) Another 'The Gospel Hall', after 3 phone messages to them they finally called to 'explain' where they were.  When I arrived there this morning I was told that I must be an idiot if I can't see that the house used to be a Gospel Hall!!!!  I told her that if she was planning to do any more online shopping she will not be receiving the goods.  Strange that both places are named after religious venues, but more importantly to me is the fact that both appear to be upper crust or 'wealthy' money does some horrible things to people. Delivering to little old ladies and ordinary people in miserable flats and dodgy council houses is way nicer, they can't praise you enough for bringing their latest QVC TV purchase.


  1. That sounds awesome - I can well see that it helps you explore places. Don't feel silly about 'delivering' stuff, it's a stupid mindset that some ladies here have which frankly, doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. Well done you for showing them how not to be so far up their own backsides :) I often thought that I would love to work in a little print shop overseas, but of course I would never do it here - because of peoples judgmental attitude. As for the gospel hall person - oh my word, I *do* hope you put on your most hoity toity accent when you told her she wouldn't be getting any more deliveries - ha ha aha.

  2. That sounds like quite an adventure...and I can see whey you get seriously P(*^&%$#ed off at the arrogant people who think they are something.

  3. I've developed a theory that the more money people have, the more lacking they are in manners... I see it every day, at work. Women, who've not worked a day since they left school, apart from pushing out a baby or two, spending their husbands' money like there is no tomorrow, who think they are better than you because they live at a desirable address, drive the latest model gas-guzzler and have their children in private schools, dah-ling...

    The job sounds wonderful, and as you say, what better way to learn more about your new surroundings!! You go, Santa!!

  4. Oh I so wish I had known about this job it sounds PERFECT....let me know the details coz this little South African is sooooooooooo going to be doing it next year :0)
    Well done for getting out of your comfort zone and doing it in the first place and then for having the courage to blog about it....sure you will find everyone will be very supportive :0)
    Hope you had a wonderful christmas

  5. Greetings, great to be back home and catch up all all my bloggie buds.
    BTW I am also a reader of all your writes.
    Will have to come and visit you some time.
    Will chat to the financial director.