Thursday, 9 December 2010

2010 Cookery Book Collection

Now I can just imagine certain readers of mine wont even read this post but for a few of the others (Hayley, Shayne....) here goes.

Firstly, I only buy celeb cook books I don't do the '100 best chicken receipes' type books, this year Jamie is tops he has really outdone himself with his new 30 Minute Meals.  Okay, so it is tough to create his menus in 30 mins but whatever they take they are so worth doing. Jamie also has my dud of the year Jamie does Spain, Italy, Greece etc. so if anyone out there wishes to pay the postage I will happily pay that one forward? 

If you haven't discovered Rachel yet, then you are missing out, fabulous both Home Cooking and Bake.

Then there's the Hummingbird Cookery Book which I have to confess I haven't used yet but I have paged through it a couple of times. I am sure it is fabulous but I think Shayne could show them a thing or two certainly in terms of decoration.

Last but normally not least my beloved Nigella with her Kitchen which just hasn't managed to blow my hair back yet but given time I am sure it will, I find that it takes me sometime to get into a new book by Nigella because I am so attached to her others.


  1. He-he...I am so with you on only buying celeb them!

    I am getting Jaime's 30 minutes and Nigella's Kitchen for Christmas...cannot wait to get my grubby hands on them.

    I have often looked at Rachel Allen's books, but have never bought them...definitely will now!

  2. I've just bought Nigel Slater's "Kitchen Diaries" - I'm positively drooling on Wednesday nights while watching his "Simple Suppers"!

    I didn't stretch to the Hummingbird Bakery book this year, but settled instead for their tin box of notelets with envelopes - which have recipes on the back! :D

  3. I love Rachel Allens accent. Also - definitely a huge Nigella, and Jamie fan.

  4. Love love love Rachels Home Cooking - need to get that Bake one, didn't know it was out.

    As for Nigella, i am hoping that Santa brings it to me.

    I love Jamie - is the Spain one really that bad? I have all his others - should I be cheeky and tell you i'll take it???

    I have heard fab things about the 30min meal one, def need to try it out, even Mel swears by it so that is def saying something!

    Thanks for the compliments btw!

  5. Oi, I hardly ever gets past Antie Ina Paarman's recipes;-D

  6. i am really looking forward to getting into Jamies 30min book. Its school hols now so no time pressure...

    i love looking at cook books. I just dont really enjoy cooking. :-/

  7. LOL @ Lynette x
    I love all the celebrity chefs... even the hairy bikers ;)

  8. Hi Jo! Remember me? ;-) It's been ages since I've left a comment and I apologize for being MIA. I've missed you! Just caught up on the last couple of months here, so have a few tardy comments:

    1) I'm absolutely aghast at the way Robin's son treated your mum. What a dick! It's nice to know you brother is keeping your mum company now.

    2) So sorry to hear you were feeling a bit down a few weeks ago. Have you been able to shake the funky mood? Christmas can certainly bring out the emotions, good and not-so-good... Thank goodness it only comes along once a year. :-)

    3) Congrats on attending the pet nutrition class and for enjoying your first day out canvasing. Best wishes for your success!

    4) I couldn't help laughing a little at your post about Erin's room. Does she know you put her room on the internet? Wasn't she mad at you? At any rate, even she has to admit her room is out of control. I liked Ness' suggestion to try to teach Erin how to tidy up, especially the part about taking her to IKEA to buy a few organizing tools. Any luck there yet?

    It's good to be back. Hugs, Michele.