Saturday, 18 December 2010

30 Years Today

My Dad died 30 years ago today - one week before Christmas, he was just 49.  One of the reasons my Mum doesn't get all that excited about Christmas. 

I had just turned 18 and I remember it being such a busy 'teenage' time, I was learning to drive and in fact got my license a few days before he died.  Writing this now I cant remember whether he knew about my first car - a beetle.   I had a steady boyfriend (Bruce - my ex husband) so I was fully caught up in that relationship too although I have to add that Bruce spent many hours sitting at my Dads bedside and even carried him down our very tight staircase once he had passed away.  He is may be my ex but he has some wonderful qualities, fortunately qualities that I see in my son Devin.

I can't say I miss my Dad he has been gone so long and was part of my life for such a short time, but I do remember him very well, he had the most amazing sense of humour and made people laugh at every opportunity.  Scott is not particularly humorous but there is definitely a bit of my Dad in him - certainly his sense of style!


  1. Lovely post Jo. It's so long ago but you seem to have good memories of him still, plus you see him in your two boys, which is wonderful. xx

  2. I had no idea you lost your dad so young. That must have been hard. It's also good that you can see the good in people, even those that are ex's.

  3. Wonderful post Jo. (((Hugs)))

  4. Lovely post. x x
    I feel cheated of never having the opportunity to have had an adult relationship with my dad too.
    Memories are good tho :)

  5. Just been catching up with your blog Joanne. Lovely post. xx