Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Constant Catch Up

That's how I feel with this blog constantly trying to catch up.  A few things really, I am not sure I want to blog anymore, just something someone said, 'a comment for a comment' WTF it just put me right off. I read peoples blog when I have the time and because I am interested in them - period.

So what is happening with me?  Last week I attended my 'speed awareness' course in order to avoid 3 points on my license, which would increase my insurance premium and eventually with enough points you lose your license.  I started the course with the same attitude as most of the people in the room - bad!  I came away enlighten and once again proud to be a Brit.  I was fined for driving at 36 miles in a 30 zone.  I spent nearly 4 hours finding out what happens to a person that is hit by a car at 30, 35, 40 miles, very interesting and great to know that somebody gives a toss about people on the roads.

I have had 2 big weddings take place at work and both left me absolutely exhausted.  The first one I spent 17 hours 'at the office' and the next one was a bit less but had double the amount of people here.  I am not so sure I can take the pace, my ankles, knees, back if fact just about everything ached.  That aside both went very well.

My knee has started to play up again and I am not allowed to go to gym for a week - damn and I was starting to enjoy it :) 

My teens are still driving me mad and I can honestly say that unless you are buying them stuff they are hideous! Cupboard love - it keeps them happy.

Talking of teens Scott has done really well in his exams and will be going off to university September 2012 although the choice is so vast he now can't decide on any, the picture is of just some of the brochures that just pour in every morning.