Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Bleak is not the word for it.... dreadful!  I remember my blogger friend Andrea writing about her 2nd year in the country and it being 'tough'.  Well we have been here 2 years now and I am finding a lot of things - bleak and I know I have said it before at this time of the year, I feel that I may really suffer with this seasonal dysfunctional stuff that I have heard about.  I have felt a little homesick but nothing a quick chat to Mel doesn't sort out - is that a good thing or a bad thing?  She is my connection dare I say my anchor and without her I would be lost.  See I told you I was feeling bleak.  But there is so much good around me which in turn makes me feel ungrateful.  A loving husband that is trying really hard to be everything and more, healthy kids with attitude!  a new job (a bit boring and all that - but a job) a roof over my head!  See ungrateful!

I finished a Nicholas Sparks book today on my beloved kindle the best of me - for goodness sake I could have written the ending it was so predictable and I ended up sobbing about how 'sweet' it was.

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