Tuesday, 28 June 2011


My blogging mojo has been missing for some time now - but I wouldn't consider stopping, I know that anyone that reads it probably gets a bit frustrated with the whole thing,  I suppose I am no longer sure what to write about.  Work is a tricky one as we all know and when you work most of the time and it is the most exciting part of your day then hey what do you write about?  I find that if I write my opinion on anything - people scatter :) there are lots of issues I would willing put pen to paper on but its all so tricky.

I am at work at the moment way past the time I normally leave but I am waiting for a bunch of models and crew to arrive from London and they are stuck in traffic.  Their delivery guy dropped off the clothes earlier - still my beating heart he was soooo easy on the eye and a Welsh accent to go with it,  he called the dresses 'frocks' - how cute is that?  So here I am waiting for a bunch of very beautiful people including one of the worlds most famous fashion photographers......

A delivery company also called and asked how late I would be here to receive a delivery from Louis Vuitton - obviously stuff for the shoot or someone is sending me a handbag - not.    Oooooh cant wait to be hanging around when they open that box.

I joined the gym yesterday - not that I have much time to go but I am going to make time!  I wasn't allowed to actually use the gym yesterday due to health and safety reasons I first have to spend an hour with a trainer but I was allowed to swim (you get used to the health and safety thing here in the UK and start to pre-empt it at every turn).  So I embarrassed Erin and the two of us swam - serious character building stuff for her, Mum swimming in a costume with pant legs, mascara under my eyes and a nose clip hehe.

Speaking of E, I am still not officially speaking to her or her to me but we mumble which suits me just fine and she has agreed to 'sell' raffle tickets at one of my events this coming weekend and I am not paying her as we get so many invitations to parties/functions for the whole family that it's time to give back she seemed okay with that though.  Next week she will be meeting the entire county football team so that should make up for it too, that little bb is going to be working overtime.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday 17 June

Today it was badgers - please Lord grant me lots of patience and the ability to understand other points of view even if they are ridiculous :) I of course can't ask too many questions either.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thursday 16 June

I haven't spoken to Erin for two weeks now nor has she spoken to me.  I had a huge wobbly with the whole family and she was earmarked by me as being the cause of most of it.  I am not the slightest bit concerned, this was long overdue.  I do feel that maybe 'mothering' is not my strength and I won't go to my grave saying I have no regrets.  My home is infinitely  more peaceful though especially now that she doesn't stomp off up the stairs when I walk into a room she is in, she does it on purpose because she knows it pushes lots of my buttons.  Note to self: never buy a house with a wooden first floor!

So this means that my salary at the end of this month is for ME I don't have to share it with an ungrateful teen!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday 12 June

Work is becoming more challenging and interesting everyday.  I feel very comfortable with the job but at the same time I have never been put into so many situations that are difficult for me to handle/keep quiet!  All sounds very typical for me.... keeping quiet - challenging!

This week alone I was standing at the copier when the guys I work with started to discuss the fact that the owner of the estate had killed 4 fox cubs the night before but 1 had manage to get away so he was describing in great detail where the gamekeeper would find him in order to kill him.  I really do like foxes and the position that they are put in is really so unfair.  The estates like the one I work at (btw I didn't know all this stuff until now) create an unnatural situation by raising hundreds if not thousands of pheasants and partridge in order to shoot them.  The foxes then breed at a rapid rate due to the abundance of food available to them.  The gamekeepers also spend huge amounts of time killing rabbits another source of food for foxes so the whole thing is a fuck up!

So I stood and kept quiet!  You would have been proud of me.  I had to question myself though but this is the new me I have to attend the Annual Shoot BBQ in a week or two where I will get to mingle with over hundred 'shooters' I refuse to call them hunters - they shoot bunnies and birds for goodness sake.  They all seem like very nice guys though, it is a way of life for them, bought up on it and if they knew my real feelings on what they do it could jeopardize my position.

I got to work in the bar last night for the first time in my life - I have never pulled a pint!  It was a lot of fun and keeping busy certainly made the evening go quickly.