Friday, 29 October 2010

A while back...

Sometime back in September on my way home from work I passed this rather eccentric couple and after a few times I thought 'bugger it' I am going to stop and ask them if I could take a couple of pics. They were only too happy as they were terribly proud of their gorgeous gypsy caravan. Have a look at the details, quite stunning, the little bird in the cage, the photo of the grandchildren, fresh flowers on the step! The couple were not actually gypsies just retired and do this every summer. They hook up their two horses to pull the caravan from village to village but they drive the horses in a truck with the caravan towed behind to get to their 'holiday' spot. The joys of the English countryside.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Its been a week

I have been at home for a week already - where has the time gone?  I ended up with a head cold on Thursday and Friday and then a headache from hell on Saturday so I only starting feeling like a sahm from Monday.  So far so good, I am loving it.  Of course I have spent way too much time cleaning and shining things but I am sure that will wear off in time (was that a pun?)  The kids are also off this week (mid term) so perfect timing I have done a good few lifts already, in fact I am going to have to remind the kids that the trains are still running. 

Mums 'lover' is back in hospital - poor soul basically collapsed on Sunday night and was collected by an ambulance.  My mum seems to think that he is going to get 'better' and that he just needs feeding up!  I tried to explain to her (without being too cruel) that hey he is having to be feed, wears padded undergarments and drinks out of a baby cup that maybe its his time.  I really don't think he his happy with his situation and seems fully aware of it which is heart breaking to watch.   Once again, me being at home now couldn't have come at a better time.