Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Christmas Time

I am really starting to miss my girlfriends. I am in the midst of the Christmas madness that people speak of, but I have ended up feeling all low and depressed. Things are just getting to me, this will be our first Christmas in 3 years that the immediate family will be together so that is exciting but then there is the other side of it that I am sure you have all experienced from time to time - where to have it? I am going to have Christmas lunch in my house with my kids come hell or high water, my Mum was hoping to have it in her house so that she didn't have to go anywhere! She has my brother and his family living with her at the moment and his son and girlfriend are going to be there from London so that's 6 altogether. So why am I missing my girlfriends? a good natter is what I need with someone that KNOWS me.
The pic is from Christmas years ago, probably the last time it was Christmas for me!


  1. Erin sure does look cute. The years fly by.
    I am glad that I am skipping the whole Christmas thing this year. We'll be on a boat and everything will be laid on for us and I won't have to do anything but decided where and what to eat.
    Glad I don't have to juggle the family dynamics.
    I trust that it will all work out and that it won't be as bad as you think.
    With regards the missing your Gf's thing...we miss you too.

  2. Just embrace the family, and let all the stress disappear into the distance. Making good friends is as easy as being a good friend to someone. At least that has been my experience. As soon as I behave toward someone as though they are a friend good enough to 'natter with' I find it's often returned wholeheartedly, so go-on give it a whirl and I'm sure you'll find a good mate to 'coffee' with soon.

  3. ja, the pinch is pinching me too. A whole year has passed and I miss you guys a whole lot. AS Ness says - embrace what you have and blog and skype us all often. :-)

  4. I am sure you will have a wonderful Christmas at your home with your kids. We girls have a tremendous need for girlfriends don't we...sort of a good fix when we get together.

  5. I understand how you feel! We're going up to Cumbria this year for Christmas on a dairy farm, it's the first Christmas without my parents, although we are seeing them for a few days before we go up. I feel a bit guilty, but we really felt we wanted to do something less formal and more relaxed (two things my parents most certainly aren't).

    But I really get what you mean about your girlfriends. I haven't been able to click with anyone since I arrived here, and I really miss girly days out. I was in London last week for the day, but I went on my own and I would have loved to have a girlfriend to go with, I would love to go on shopping trips or have a manicure and a good gossip. I totally get what you say!

  6. Girlfriend time - with those ones who really know you, warts and all - and still love you, is irreplaceable to us all.

    Jump onna plaaaane -
    Come see us.
    We miss you too.
    Shall we all meet at Mel?
    You bring the food, ok? You're good at domestic goddess stuff.
    We'll eat it and compliment you.
    And we'll talk till our jaws ache.


  7. send me your land line hun and lets have a natter - I don't know you as well as many of your gf's do, but I have been where you are and can lend a friendly ear. You will make it up again, I promise!!!!!