Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Easter Treat

A blackbird has taken up residence in the creeper against our garage wall - no big deal right?  Well I hang up the washing right in front of her beautiful nest most days (when its not raining) less than metre away and that makes me really nervous I may disturb her but not so, apparently.  I watched her make the nest and now regularly see her sitting in it,  I try not to make eye contact :) Anyhow she has now laid 3 beautiful little eggs, it's the first time I have ever really seen eggs in a nest like this, and such pretty ones, just like you would see on an Easter cupcake.   It all makes me feel really special. 

 In the top pic if you look really close you can see her eye.

Saturday, 26 March 2011


Scott is struggling so much at school at the moment.  My heart feels so heavy with worry.  He has always wanted to go to university and because DH and myself never went we of course always wanted him to go too.  I am beginning to realise that this may never happen - college yes, but not university here.  He just won't cut it.  He works so hard, harder than I thought he was capable.   He is so frustrated that his peers pick up a book a couple of days before an exam and they get way better marks.  Of course you may be thinking that this could be due to the interruption in his schooling - mmmm maybe, although he has stuck with the same subjects.   Last year school was a lot easier for him and the transition from SA left him fairly idle.  I am not entirely sure if the system here gets all the kids to what they 'call' school leaving age 16, then gets rid of the non-academics and then take out the big guns for A levels, it sure feels like that to Scott. 

Poor soul has his work stuck up on his ceiling so that he can read it in bed - I knew there had to be a good reason for making the ceilings so low here?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tuesday 22 March 2011

  • My sewing has been keeping me so busy lately that I have continued to neglect my blog. 
  • I haven't actually sold one of my covers yet but I am not go to let that get me down.  I need to make more samples and hit the gift shops before the tourists come to town, so now I need a name - any ideas?
  • I collected my Mum today and took her to a couple of shops and ended back at my house for a rare treat - fish and chips.
  • I am in the process of applying for 2 jobs that I fancy, I need to get out more and the longer I am at home the more I realise it is essential for me, isolation just makes me lazy.
  • We are going away for a night this weekend to a party for someone we met 10 years ago in the Maldives.  She visited us years ago in Cape Town, I would hardly call her a friend, but we are going anyway.  She is putting us up in her new fancy house so I am looking forward to a change of scenery.  What to wear is the only problem :(

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I have had my 3rd lesson (1 a week) of my CLAit course (computer literacy and information technology) and I have started excel which I am useless at, I thought I would be able to whizz through it and move onto the more interesting stuff, apparently I will be about 5 weeks on this section :(.   I have started to realise why I felt such incredible pressure at work recently my excel knowledge is shocking.  I sit next to a little old lady (you know how I am sucker for a 'nice' old lady) I asked her yesterday how long she has being doing the course, 8 years she politely told me, I just hope my face didn't register my amusement.  But I am still pretty impressed with her she is in a wheelchair about 80 and suffers with MS.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Secret Crush

Okay this is a completely random post (must be something in the water) but inspired by the TV host this morning - who is your secret crush?

 Well I have a few as you can see and please feel free to add a comment using some pop psychology as to why I fancy 2 men (Steven Tyler and Russell Brand) that look and dress like women????? The other 3, the gorgeous Colin Firth probably my first choice closely followed by Max Beesly (sooooo brooding all the time, I would love to put a smile on his face) and then last but not least Steve Jones but lets face it he is just too pretty for normal day to day wear?

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Week 9

  • Firstly, I am feeling a lot more upbeat maybe it's the flower buds all over the place that are about to burst into flower I even have lots in my own garden that have popped up from nowhere and  I still have 3 roses in a vase from my valentines flowers that I got from Scott (DH gave me perfume).
  • There is a near half page article about me in the paper this morning including a picture (I SERIOUSLY need an eyelid lift) if you are really bored here's the link  Hopefully the above article will bring in loads of business ;)
  • We were invited out by some friends to the most charming pub in a neighbouring village, it was absolutely gorgeous but there were probably 3 other people in the pub - very sad!  So all my visitors will be going for a visit to this pub from now on.
  • The people we were with have bought a near derelict property in France with 3 homes on it for the price of an ordinary car back in South Africa.  Very exciting and one day maybe something we would look at doing.  We now know 2 couples that are doing the same thing so their experience will be invaluable.
  • Sunday we were invited out for Sunday late lunch/dinner at my ex boss (I know, I know I called her lots of things whilst I was working for her!) and we had a ball we get on with them so well.  After dinner we played a new version of balderdash, it seems really popular here to play games after dinner.   We all felt very nostalgic on the way home for friends back in South Africa.
  • Oh and my really BIG news - I have started a OCR CLAit I.C.T. course, sounds very fancy doesn't it? With some divine intervention I found a place available in walking distance from the house!!!!!! I mean how does that happen??  It is everything I have needed to learn for ages and ages about I.C.T. I think it will do wonders for my confidence and the best part is I only have to pay for each exam (12).  I would still like to get a good half day job outside of the house sometime soon.  I have realised that I am just not disciplined enough to work from home (I am still in my p.js).
  • Erin is writing her first GCSE maths exam today, poor soul but she has taken it very seriously and even went in an hour early for a revision class so keep your fingers crossed.