Monday, 2 April 2012

More Random Stuff!

Just got back from having a routine mammogram, it was my first personal experience of the NHS hospitals, wow, appointment at 2.15 - seen at 2.15 and out in 10 minutes.  So can't complain at all and the staff were friendly  which is something that I notice straight away because it is not necessarily a given in these parts and the equipment quite clearly the latest there is.    And as we are talking boobs I have discovered that I can hold a pencil under mine if my arms are at my sides, if I breath in and hold up my arms and tilt back slightly it falls out!  Amazing what you can do at 49!

On the subject of age, a guy phoned into the office last week, spoke to me and said 'I spoke to someone last week - a younger woman' - what the....... couldn't he just of said someone with a different accent?   And he was expecting me to be attentive after that - not!

Both of my teens have had a good dabble with alcohol this weekend.  Scott went out on Saturday night and spent most of the evening puking but more little Penny Pie slept out at a good friends house last night,  she came home fairly early this morning as she had some holiday revision classes to attend at school ( they are on holiday for 2 weeks)  I was still in bed as was DH and she immediately sat down and told us what she had done - drank lots and lots of beer!  I managed to stay completely calm even though I was terribly concerned.  But what can you do other than educate them on the dangers of their behaviour?  The friends Mum was there? Should I speak to her?  not sure Penny's relationship with her friend could withstand is after all normal behaviour to a lot of people in this country and that would open a can of 'class rules' which I would hate to get into a debate about.

I am not sure if I mentioned on my blog that I am studying Sociology, yep even down for my first exams in June, I will be writing them at the local high school as a private candidate.  I am thoroughly enjoying the subject matter but the past exam papers I have are way out of my league so I have got quite a bit of work to do before June, fortunately my job is quiet in the afternoons so I get to put in a good hour or two. 

Summer is around the corner, our little town is looking at its best, daffs everywhere you look and we have even had a few days of blue skies....not sure I am 'feeling' it just yet though.