Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday 23 May 2011

We have been in the UK for 17 months now and I am really beginning to feel at home.  Talking of home our little blackbird has given us another chance and laid 4 eggs this time (one to make up for the one murdered by Mollie) and they babies hopped out of the nest yesterday and sunned themselves about a metre off the ground.  Kamakaze birds I tell you, we had to keep Mollie all day.

I have also been in my new job for a week and loving it although I have slight panic attacks every now and again at the thought of all the work I have ahead of me but they are very happy with me so I should relax and get some confidence (talking to myself again..) I think the managing of people will always be a problem for me and I am in the damned if you do and damned if you dont area at the moment, should I help or shouldn't I - manage from the sides or just delegate and let them get on with it, ask them or tell them?  

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Serious Catch-up!

Okay so this is my new office!  Yep it is absolutely breathtakingly stunning and I reckon I am going to be tweeting on about it for sometime.  I am feeling really blessed at this moment and for once I am thinking 'now it's my turn'.  The job as the Events Manager initially seemed that it may be more than I would be able to cope with but once I put in my 'thorough application minus a C.V. they wouldn't accept a C.V.' and got a call a couple of hours later and then an invitation to a 2nd interview before the first one ended I started to relax about my abilities.  (My ex-boss has also just text me and said 'perfect for you and you will manage it with your eyes closed' OMG that is something).   I started yesterday and arrived home last night able to remember each and every member of staff that I was introduced to and what they were responsible for - not bad for me considering that I had only expected to remember a handful.

I will basically be responsible for 'selling' the estate, the grounds, the park, the garden, the grand halls and the main money spinner the marquee.  At present they are just sitting around waiting for the phones to ring - and they do, but not enough so I will be putting it on the map so to speak.  It is all so exciting I can hardly breathe, Monday morning I have a photo shoot there with 11 models and photographers from the capital of the country next door to Norway (that is an attempt to confuse google let me know if you think it will work?) and a sculpture display starting Tuesday and a wedding on Saturday...........