Monday, 18 March 2013

Settling In

I have been in my new job for 3 weeks now and I suppose you could say the honeymoon period is over.  Not that its not fun or anything just that I am now part of the team and the furniture so therefore I should know what I am doing and who is who and who works at what branch and so on.

Every time I do something that I haven't done before I think....I'll only make that mistake once or only ask that person once what to do and I will only go down to the train station once to collect tickets without the reference no. - yes I did that! 

I have an extraordinary long day - again pretty normal to the Brits, something that I should have realised from my first job here - work hard play hard is very much the motto despite the world thinking that the Brits are a bunch of layabouts.  I do get 35 working days leave a year though so that should sweeten the blow.

The weather is absolutely dismal here at the moment and I really cant wait to feel some sun on my shoulders.  I am planning a trip to SA and thinking that I may have to wait until after summer just because I cant bear to waste a day here that may be 'good' weather and be in the SA winter (which is really the same as a bad summer day here).