Thursday, 24 November 2011

The last born!

I took E out to do some clothes shopping on the weekend and these pics are a result of the ensuing fashion show.  What a difference, she looked so grown up and elegant, she is so incredibly graceful it is like having a gazelle around.  

Please note the brogues oh and of course the ironing in the back ground ;)

We also had E's parents evening last week at school and again we were pleasantly surprised at how well she is doing with a B predicted for Spanish and a C for French at the end of her GCSE's she should go on to do her A levels.  She is still struggling a little with anxiety so we are seeing a therapist tomorrow for a alternative type of therapy so fingers crossed.


  1. Allie says:
    Gosh Jo - she is lovely!
    And you can see from the pics how graceful she is - specially the first one.
    So happy to hear that she is doing so well at school.
    Hope she gets a handle on the anxiety thing soon: its amazing that the whole world of teens are not on meds for anxiety these days!
    Poor litle blighters!

  2. What a stunner :)

    Hope you guys get the anxiety sorted - I wish there'd have been something for me at that age - nerves of note :)

  3. She is truly gorgeous, how proud you must be!

  4. Sjoe will have to hide that gorgeous girl from the hormonal guys.