Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Middle Son

This is S's latest magazine subscription, perhaps not what one would expect from their 18 year old?  He reads it from cover to cover every week!  Like Mel said on her recent visit to us 'if he wasn't so good looking he would be a total nerd!

We have also just learnt that he won't be able to go to uni next year as we haven't been in the country long enough for him to get his studies financed (9k a year) so he has to wait another year, it is such a pity as he is so ready to go, one saving grace he has had two offers of places for the following year and both are good uni's.


  1. Everything happens for a reason. While I totally understand his disappointment in not being able to go next year - I went to uni right after school, and if I think back now - I realise just how much one more year of life experience would have been totally invaluable to me! As much as I thought I was ready, I really wasn't - and if I'd had that gap year to work, and learn a bit about the world first, I would have done so much better. So - that's my 2c, obviously S is not the same as me - but something else I've learned is that everything works out for the best, no matter what, so he should look forward to the challenges and opportunities that this gap year will bring. He could even try and get a head start by completeing a first year course at the Open University - which will considerably lighten his course load in his official 'first year'.

  2. He will gain so much from working this next year, and knowing S the job offers will be plentiful. By the way - Nerds Rock (and rule the world!)