Thursday, 10 November 2011

When will this go away?

I am not bouncing back in fact I feel like I committed a crime, I hope this goes away soon.  Living in UK has taught me a few things - even VIPs get fired or stand down for what I would consider not worth worrying about and I suppose it filters through to the way people think generally - Do No Wrong!

DH now tells me that the writing was on the wall, that my disenchantment with the place was obvious and it was only a matter of time.  Oh dear.

I had the most horrific nightmare last night - so bad that I was too scared to go back to sleep.  I was in Afghanistan, suspended under a tank with men being shot all around me but at the same time morphing into partly decomposed bodies and skeletons and even flattened body parts next to my face - totally horrific.  I then jumped up - in the nightmare and I was in a cinema 'watching' these atrocities and I shouted please put the lights on I have to get out.  I was then followed by about 50% of the audience.  I think it may mean - I need to stand up for what I believe in. :)

This pic is of the sofa in the Grand Hall - the room people get married in! When I said something I was told 'what is wrong with it?' seriously not a word of a lie, I was then told that if I had grown up in a 'big country home' (in other words of a different class) I would understand that old was infinitely better than anything new!  I don't get it - sorry and neither did the potential brides.


  1. You, madam, are in danger of "beat yourself up over it syndrome". The upper classes here are out of touch, and try to get out of feeling embarrassed by expressing that it's a class issue. It's clearly a style issue. Do you know what the relief is here? You really do NOT have to CARE about it anymore. Don't let someone elses opinions weigh down on you - shrug it off. It is THEIR issue entirely.

    As for being told about growing up in a big country home - if that had been me - oh you would have heard the Queens English coming out of me as I told them about our huge home, fleet of servants and expensive education I enjoyed, and I probably would have thrown in how someone who did not grow up in the colonies (toff toff) clearly doesn't have the same sense of cosmopolitan style, as clearly they've had a very narrow minded view of things. See? Even I would not have been able to stand that kind of treatment and neither should you.

    You did the right thing. By the way - feel free to share the gory details tomorrow - I promise to be suitably outraged with you.

  2. Allie says:

    That couch is a 'mare! For that alone the 'lady of the manor' should have been fired herself!!

    Hang in there, Jo - it'll get easier, I'm sure

  3. I feel your pain my friend, hang in there! Change although brilliant has it's own fair share of challenges.

    Now about that 'sofa'.... are they blind? I mean honestly if I had just spent 5K sterling on a 'smancy' wedding dress, I expect the largest thing in my wedding photos not to have an ugly rip in it. Really....'big country home?'.
    LOL :D

  4. Heed the words of the the commenters before me....Ness really hit the nail on the head ito of the class issue....

  5. I don't believe that you made a mistake, there is no way in hell I would have been able to "live" with what you had to put up with in your time there. Let it go! If one door closes another much better one will open for you...and I believe that with all my heart.


  6. Eish.... the classist society of britain is a bladdy nightmare to navigate... but let me tell you this: The scrubbers ( thats lower class to you and me) really know how to scrub up, and the snotty, horsey set are a bunch of dirty, stinking, stuffy, musty snobs!!! True story. So next time they throw the class badge at you, just sniff your arm pits and smile :)

  7. Thanks all! But I am not bouncing back I think it is going to take some time. x

  8. OMW, I am just catching up on the news now. I agree with everyone else...its not worth it...but I do know that its easier said than done. It will take time...


  9. Oh my giddy aunt, that couch is VILE! If I was a paying bride, I would have to insist it was removed from the room. Jeez, you know what they say, money doesn't buy you class. I loved the comment made by MacLeod House - I also had the large house, fleet of servants, private education and all the fripperies that went with colonial living, but I STILL know a crappy couch when I see one :) Chin up OK? Lots of hugs xxxxx