Sunday, 11 December 2011

Saturday Afternoon

I haven't been blogging lately purely because I have nothing to say but for my friends out there who really want to know what I am doing day to day I thought I try a little harder to just 'blog' stuff around me and if its boring so be it.

I attempted to get my act together today after spending way too much time lately doing NOTHING I suppose  I am actually depressed although I don't particular show it at least I don't think I do and being on anti-depressants permanently sure takes the edge off.  I know I am feeling better about things when I head for the kitchen.....

I made a delicious cauliflower soup, something that would not grab me normally.  DH was seriously impressed and reckoned it was right up there with my butternut soup.

So we sat decadently eating this cauliflower soup with crusty organic bread for lunch. If any of you would like the recipe it is from this book... or inbox me and I will send it to you.

Delectable by Marlene van der Westhuizen, the recipes are so easy, have very few ingredients but have a sort of elegance about them.  The book is worth buying just for the pictures of the authors house in France.


  1. always so good to hear from you. you have always shone in the kitchen and it definitely bring out the FEELGOOD in you!

  2. I haven't been blogging either, not because I don't have anything to say (I've *always* got something to say!), but more because I'm trying not to think about stuff. Been in a "just let life happen" mood. Lately, though, have been feeling a blog post trying to bust out, so maybe it's time. I've been thinking about you, Clare, and hoping you're feeling a bit more perky these days? Puttering around the kitchen is a good idea, very cozy, and the soup sounds divine! You've inspired me to make some for dinner tonight. Thanks!