Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Last Weekend

It seems that Halloween is HUGE here so we got into the swing of things and Erin spent ages carving pumpkins. I bought a massive one (it took 3 people to lift it into my boot) from the farmer across the road from work before I left, and after Erin had carved it on Friday night Scott and I rolled it to the front door and dropped it the few cms to the step - it broke! Sh.... she is so sweet natured though and was laughing in seconds and just carved a whole lot of little ones.

The clocks fell back a hour on Sunday too so of course it was dark before I knew it and I almost missed the festivities back home as I had taken Mum up to the hospital to see Robin. He is not looking very good and in fact didn't even wake up whilst we were there, my Mum was very teary too when she saw him - I think it is sinking in. Fun and games in the hospital ward too, the guy across the way decided to have a poo, lovely stuff, trust me it's really difficult to behave normally when all that is going on. Another old duck had an Alzheimer's rage with one of the sisters too - it was very amusing and very sad. I noticed we were the only visitors too - wonder why?

We had people around for dinner again on Saturday so our social life is picking up. They are the people that Erin rides with ie. they own the horses. Very interesting couple he is one of the original top guns in the American Air Force and has just stepped down into his first office job. She is a 'bat' specialist and is licensed to do 'bat' inspections, she invited me along to one this week. I wouldn't say I like bats but they don't scare me and after hearing her talk about them, they are certainly fascinating creatures - a bat can consume 5000 mosquitoes a day, now that is a cure for malaria.


  1. No photos of the smashed pumpkin?
    Glad she took it so well.
    Delighted that you're sounding up beat and entertaining again.
    Please pics of dogs and snippets from home?
    Pretty please?

  2. Where is the show and tell of the pumpkin carving my dear?

    So glad you have settled in so well in England. Here it is starting to get light at 5 in the mornings and today warmed up nicely...I love summer.

  3. You sound happy Jo! Yay x
    Halloween has got very big here too - not as commercial as it is in the UK, but nice for the little ones to dress up and go trick or treating - which mine did on Sat and Sun night.

    It is schmokin hot here at the moment.... 32 C all week. I LOVE summer

  4. jussis, if that pumpkin had broken at my house there woulda been weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Go Erin!

    Halloween came and went cos we were in Mcgregs. I thought all them weirdos out there would get there cauldrons out but nada.