Monday, 8 November 2010


Poor old Robin finally lost his battle with Parkinson's amongst other things on Sunday morning. I am sure going to miss him and my poor Mum has just lost her partner of 21 years and her friend for 30 odd. They worked together for years before getting together.
I am organising the funeral - something I have never had to do, I am meeting with the undertakers this afternoon. I also have to collect Robins son from Heathrow airport tomorrow - what have I let myself in for?
Quick question - my dim witted nephew (I am furious) put RIP Robin on his facebook status with 20 minutes of him passing away!! We had a couple of annoyed callers. I made a comment on his status very politely saying that some things do not need to be announced on fb! I see he has deleted me as a 'friend'. Who's right here?


  1. Actually - I think you need to ease up on your nephew. It was his way of saying goodbye. You can't help what people say on their updates - and if people get annoyed when they call you - then they need to understand the context in that "how the heck were you supposed to call everyone" within those 20 minutes. Around the time of my dads passing I said a few things in my status updates which would have been unfathomable to anyone other than those who knew what I was going through - and two of my sibs (and my nephew) completely lost the plot. Sorry for them, but it is MY status update, NOT theirs. So if folks got upset about it that's their problem - and NOT your fault. Also - a bit childish of your nephew to delete you as a friend.

  2. I read about it on your facebook, I get a lot of info from FB, not that I am even on there often. I heard Obama became president on facebook, amongst other things.
    Still sorry for your loss, your Mom is going to feel so bereft.
    I agree with MacNessa, not your fault.
    Will continue to pray for you. It is sad the way life just carries on.

  3. Ness, Steph - yeah I didnt see it as my fault I just think that some news belongs to the person closest that it affects if you know what I mean - my Mum for instance.

  4. I love FB, it's one of those things I'm sure I'll lose interest in at some point, but at the moment I dip in quite a few times a day. However, it has caused some huge upsets between my Mum and me.

    My mum's childhood friend's daughter in law is my friend on FB. Neither my Mum or her friend are on FB, and I'd rather keep it that way. However, my friend has an annoying habit of telling her MIL what my updates are, then her MIL rings my Mum and makes a point of bringing into conversation what's been on my FB page. Then my mum accuses me of telling all and sundry all our personal information. I had an instance where I had bought a new laptop and was playing with it and mentioned it on FB. The next thing I know my Mum wants to know how come her friend knows I've got a new laptop before she does. It's stupid, but unfortunately that's the way it is when we sign up to these things, and you cannot control what people put on there. My mum was furious with me, accused me of all sorts but I just had tell her to get over it and stop being so sensitive.

    I can see how your situation is different, but again your nephew put you in a difficult position, but it was his way of dealing with the immediate upset of what had happened. It's not great, but that's the way the world is and people have to stop being so sensitive I'm afraid! But it's not your fault and if anyone gives you a hard time, that simply isn't fair. You can't be the one to phone each individual.

    The trials of modern life...