Thursday, 4 November 2010

Persian Carpets

I have had my Persians for years and years - I love them but I am really sick of them! What should I do? Storing them is a problem, I have lost 2 in the past by putting them at the top of the cupboard with a couple of moth balls when I went back 2 years later the carpets had all but disappeared. I have 2 problems with my collection at the moment firstly they are really too big for our little house and the house is carpeted so they are sitting on top of carpet which is not ideal and secondly, I am so wanting a new fresher look in the place. I have lifted them this morning and now I am wondering what to do, I am only sentimental about one of them which has been in DH's family since he can remember but the others I bought myself so no big deal other than we are so used to seeing them lying around.


  1. I have no idea. I would be loath to toss it, but then storing it didn't work for you either.
    How sure are you that where you are now will be home for the foreseeable future?

  2. Tough one...when I was little my (real) dad hung them on his wall cos the house was too small. Kinda weird memory that you jarred with this post!!

  3. Like Mel - this post also jarred a weird memory with me. My dad used to make persian carpets. By hand. I suppose that by definition made them DUTCH carpets (ha ha) but still, I remember he used to set up a high trestle table behind the couch and then sit and work on the carpet from a design that we'd picked out as a family. My mom would always make sure that the next batch of carpet wool (in the right colours) was available and then off he'd go. My brother and I were allowed to help in the boring bits (larger areas of a single colour). Of course his heinous third wife sold them all so that none of us kids could have any - right before my dads death. He wasn't even *gone* and she was flogging the stuff. Hey! Thanks for letting me vent in your comments box!