Saturday, 27 November 2010

Week 47

How time flies when you don't work.

Robin's funeral went off without a hitch on Monday morning. DH and Scott were pall bearers and we all had to laugh as DH and Scott are so tall and Robins son and partner so short DH nearly knocked the wreath off the top of the coffin on entry into the chapel. My poor Mum sobbed all the way through, thank God I was there to comfort her. Robin's son had flown out from SA to be there and it has been an awful week for my Mum as he has spent most of the week since the funeral 'cleaning her out'. All of Robin's personal possessions were left to him so he is selling them to second hand shops etc. before he goes back to SA today (Sat). He has even taken the paintings off the walls and been through all the nick knacks in the display cabinet to check which pieces he could get a quick buck for.

Wednesday my brother (he has just moved here from SA) asked me to drive him to an interview our side of London. I of course agreed and off I went at 8.30am. I got back at 7.30pm from a 128 km journey!!!! We got stuck on the notorious M25 on the way home. We were sitting in my car surrounded by trucks and cars for HOURS for periods of up to half an hour without moving an inch. All I can say is that I was so glad I hadn't had much to drink.

We are going out tonight to our American friends for a Thanksgiving dinner. Should be interesting pumpkin pie and all that.


  1. The insensitivity of Robins son leaves me cold. Your mom and he were together for YEARS - that he could walk into their lives and do that to her is disgusting.

    The traffic trip sounds bloody horrendous - i know how trapped and freaking insane i feel when I get stuck at Micky D's drive-thru!!! LOL

  2. My Mum and Robin had been living together for 21 years and friends for 35 years

  3. So sad for your mum Jo! People are .... no words to describe.... just sick what his son did.

    Ah - the notorious M25.... AKA: The carpark!! Have spent a few "days" sitting on that road too x
    PS: Can't seem to leave a comment, except under my google ID???! Any idea why?

  4. ps: email me about your knee, telling me:
    Any locking?
    Any painful clicking?
    Any swelling?
    Full range of mvt?
    Pain going up/down stairs?

    Also - your spell checker thing made me spell:
    adedrodo!!!! ahahaha ( a dead dodo? get it??)

  5. Robin's son does appear to be a bit of a vulture. Why could he not just have left these things for her...surely she deserves to have it.

    I am glad all went well...knew it would...with you organising it all.