Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Week 9

  • Firstly, I am feeling a lot more upbeat maybe it's the flower buds all over the place that are about to burst into flower I even have lots in my own garden that have popped up from nowhere and  I still have 3 roses in a vase from my valentines flowers that I got from Scott (DH gave me perfume).
  • There is a near half page article about me in the paper this morning including a picture (I SERIOUSLY need an eyelid lift) if you are really bored here's the link  Hopefully the above article will bring in loads of business ;)http://www.eadt.co.uk/news/woodbridge_cold_caller_in_dramatic_doorstep_rescue_1_815387
  • We were invited out by some friends to the most charming pub in a neighbouring village, it was absolutely gorgeous but there were probably 3 other people in the pub - very sad!  So all my visitors will be going for a visit to this pub from now on.
  • The people we were with have bought a near derelict property in France with 3 homes on it for the price of an ordinary car back in South Africa.  Very exciting and one day maybe something we would look at doing.  We now know 2 couples that are doing the same thing so their experience will be invaluable.
  • Sunday we were invited out for Sunday late lunch/dinner at my ex boss (I know, I know I called her lots of things whilst I was working for her!) and we had a ball we get on with them so well.  After dinner we played a new version of balderdash, it seems really popular here to play games after dinner.   We all felt very nostalgic on the way home for friends back in South Africa.
  • Oh and my really BIG news - I have started a OCR CLAit I.C.T. course, sounds very fancy doesn't it? With some divine intervention I found a place available in walking distance from the house!!!!!! I mean how does that happen??  It is everything I have needed to learn for ages and ages about I.C.T. I think it will do wonders for my confidence and the best part is I only have to pay for each exam (12).  I would still like to get a good half day job outside of the house sometime soon.  I have realised that I am just not disciplined enough to work from home (I am still in my p.js).
  • Erin is writing her first GCSE maths exam today, poor soul but she has taken it very seriously and even went in an hour early for a revision class so keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Oh no! The link to your article doesn't work! Says I have to subscribe?

    Glad you're feeling a little bit more chipper. It's definitely the spring that does it. All my bulbs are just waiting to burst forth and make me happy :)

    Hmmmmm, pubs. I love pubs. If there was any justice in this world I would live in a pub.

  2. yay to all those things..... but I don"t understand any of the acronyms. Am I being dumb?? What is OCR and ICT ???

  3. Glad to hear the tide is turning, even if it is slowly...those flowers do things to me as well I tell you :0)
    Tried to read the article but link doesn't seem to be working...but well done anyway, may it bring you loads of new leads xxxxx

  4. Cool - how exciting. One of the things I did like about England was the early spring.....

  5. I have changed the link so you will be able to read the dramatic article now :)

  6. Great article but they should have put a bigger picture of you!! Well done J

  7. You made the newspapers...wow!

    Flowers always makes us girls happy heh!

  8. That's exciting that your story made the newspaper! It really is a great story, too; I mean, honestly, Jo, you properly saved that lady! Who knows what would have happened if you hadn't come along? I like that picture of you, BTW, especially with your puppy in your arms. Very cute.

    I'm with Kristy---what does OCR CLAit I.C.T mean?