Thursday, 10 March 2011

Secret Crush

Okay this is a completely random post (must be something in the water) but inspired by the TV host this morning - who is your secret crush?

 Well I have a few as you can see and please feel free to add a comment using some pop psychology as to why I fancy 2 men (Steven Tyler and Russell Brand) that look and dress like women????? The other 3, the gorgeous Colin Firth probably my first choice closely followed by Max Beesly (sooooo brooding all the time, I would love to put a smile on his face) and then last but not least Steve Jones but lets face it he is just too pretty for normal day to day wear?


  1. The only one i know in your line up is Colin Firth and he doesn't really do it for me.
    I go more for smooth guys. Blue eyes and dark hair. I am drinking different water clearly.
    Need chocolate...need to go and buy chocolate.
    Need to avoid Jo's water, not too scared about drinking Jo's water really seeing she lives so far away now.

  2. Yes, we can be friends. Cos we would clearly NEVER fight over men!!??

    Hehe, Colin Firth is cool but I would prefer him as a big brother than anything else. Maybe he has hot friends?

    Fun post - I will do one soon.

  3. Also a big fan of Colin Firth but girlfriend, the top guy!!??
    Flip, when I saw him on the panel of some talent show I thought "hmmm, ser-i-ou-s plastic surgery misfire here"
    I agree with Mel - a fun post. Maybe a challenge to the other bloggers?
    Its been so long since we had one of those that I can't even remember what we called them :-)

  4. Ooooohhhh, so in love with Steven Tyler as well...i think its everything about him.

  5. Brad Pitt (coz he's like.....oooooooo)
    George Clooney (we have the same taste in coffee)
    Matthew McConaughey (we have the same taste in surf boards)
    and maybe..... Richard Gere

  6. @ Hayley and Allie - See Allie Hayley digs him too!!

    @ Caroline - Nothing wrong with your list I think I was going for a Brit list :)

  7. why are you talking to everyone but me? *sulks*

    Steven Tyler is revolting. thatisall. eeeuuwww.

    my list: gerard butler, bradley cooper, jeff probst and old timer richard dean anderson.

    so? say something to me NOW.

  8. If Steven Tyler is the guy in the top pic, I have serious concerns about you and Hayley.
    Because he is revolting.
    That is definitely all.
    Double eeuuww.

    So - hit me. I can take it. :-)

  9. Colin Firth every time for me. And Richard Gere is rather yummy. Unfortunately Russell Brand does nothing for me, so you can have him! :D Oh, and how can I forget Gorgeous George - Caroline and I are going to come to blows, methinks. ;-)

  10. ok i'm late on this - missed yr post somehow.

    Definately Colin Firth. Oh boy!

    And Steve Tyler is revolting - how can you fancy him and Colin - worlds apart!

  11. Hi Jo! I like your list! Colin Firth makes my heart skip a beat every time I see him; he is the very definition of dreamy. Russell Brand is funny and smart and very polite in interviews---love him! I don't know anything about Steve Jones but Max Beesley is the only reason I ever watched Hotel Babylon. Steve Tyler...I don't know...dude looks like a lady but I bet he's fun to party with. :-)

  12. eeeeew! Steve Tyler - Mr rubber lips himself. If he sings "Bed of Roses" for me, he may get a kiss - otherwise, not a chance!
    My list? It's more a sporty list:
    David Beckham
    Stuart Broad
    Ryk Neethling
    and - for good measure:
    Rob Lowe

  13. @ Mel, you just dont have any taste and your list is a bunch of teen boppers!!!

    @ Ali, just something about Tyler, he is such a 'nice' guy, I told you I am worried about myself :)

    @ Kirsty, nothing wrong with your list David
    Beckham yummy and Ryk, Rob Lowe has gotten better with age.

    @ Shayne, I know I know Colin and Steve Tyler - interesting if nothing else.

    @ Michele - Russel Brand is VERY intelligent one of the reasons I LOVE him so next time I see you we can talk men!

    @ Helga - good taste George is also not bad.