Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I have been feeling really old and useless lately and inspired by Mels post yesterday to mention it here.  I don't know whether I am just have an after mid life crisis because things seem to make me very anxious lately.  I seem to be taking big breaths whenever I think of 'stuff' I would like to do or achieve as if I wont have enough time or energy or good health or even money. 

My hearing is not what it should be but I am not considered to really need a hearing aid - I know I can see you think 'old' at the mention of hearing aid, that's one of my dilemmas people just shove you onto the past sell by date shelf.

 I can't do a thing without my so called reading glasses.  DH, Scott and I went out to one of the neighbouring villages to a popular coffee outlet on Saturday morning and I put salt in all the coffees!! talk about a advert for specsavers, fortunately the owner was most understanding and replaced the coffees but did put the correct sachets on the table with the fresh coffees.

 I went to movies last week with a friend to see The Black Swan, brilliant but we were the youngest people there!  I think I need a job that gets me out and about more I am not sure this SAHM or work from home Mum is the answer for me I am just not disciplined enough.


  1. Oh golly, this useless 'woe is me' feeling seems to be doing it's rounds at the mo.

    I too am feeling 'old', tired, grumpy and just generally fedup with life. Nothing makes me smile anymore.

    Am also going deaf, so don't fret about that. And on Sat for the first time in i don't know how long i put my glasses on coz i couldn't see a label on my meds.

    As for the SAHM/WAHM it does take a huge amt of discipline, if you know in yr gut that you are not right for it, find another job.

    Ugh, hope the old/dreary feeling passes soonish. Does it make it easier knowing you're not the only one feeling that way?

  2. "Clare" I don't know how you do it but you have a way of saying things that makes me laugh even when you write about stuff like this!
    I miss you
    Listen, try not to go down the 'old grey mare' road - its c**p anyway and the feeling will pass if don't entertain it.
    Enjoy being the vibey funny intelligent chick you are.
    Cause we see you that way.

  3. Listen you old bat - chin up now! You are my bestest friend and I dont hang with old grey boring mares mmmkay?

    But if we have to seriaaahs for a moment let me say I wish I could pop over and make you coffee. (and put your sugar in for you) and take you out and make you buy some clothes you wouldnt ordinarily try on. And then take you for sushi and a yak and a giggle.


  4. THanks girls I feel way better already!

    I have never heard the grey mare thing before but knowing a bit about horses it a rather cruel description after all grey horses are can be black at birth (Lippys) or at the very least an exciting dapple.

  5. Wow...Allie and Mel sure know you very well. Hope you are feeling young again soon;-D


  6. Ahhh, Clare, you and Shayne and I need to sit down together (with a bottle or two, if you know what I mean...) and have a good cry/laugh about this feeling old thing because I'm going through it, too! I'm right now obsessed with my neck, which overnight---overnight, I swear!!---has become something horrible I don't recognize. The only silver lining in my gruesome fascination with my turkey neck is that it's taken my mind off the wrinkles around my eyes. And the fact that I can no longer read when I have my contact lenses in. I can still my husband fart in another room, though, so I guess my hearing is okay. :-) Aww, whatever. Nothing we can do about it and really, we're still pretty awesome, as old chicks go. Rock on, sweetheart.

  7. Hopefully a day with me will help you feel better?! :-)

  8. You are in year 2 hun, I promise you it is enough to destabalise ANYONE...hang in there and remember I am just a phone call away....and you so aren't OLD!!!!!!