Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Easter Treat

A blackbird has taken up residence in the creeper against our garage wall - no big deal right?  Well I hang up the washing right in front of her beautiful nest most days (when its not raining) less than metre away and that makes me really nervous I may disturb her but not so, apparently.  I watched her make the nest and now regularly see her sitting in it,  I try not to make eye contact :) Anyhow she has now laid 3 beautiful little eggs, it's the first time I have ever really seen eggs in a nest like this, and such pretty ones, just like you would see on an Easter cupcake.   It all makes me feel really special. 

 In the top pic if you look really close you can see her eye.


  1. What a special experience, will be lovely to watch her little babies grow once those eggs hatch - enjoy!

  2. Oh what beautiful blue eggs. It would be wonderful if you can see the little chicks grow up.


  3. We have a Blackbird nesting in the bush in our front garden, she comes every year and will rear one or two clutches of eggs. I had the male serenading me as I cooked dinner yesterday, it made me feel so special! You'll have a lovely time watching them hatch, grow and eventually fly away to start their own families. Spring is such an amazing time!

  4. I saw it, I saw it!
    Her eye, I mean.
    Now I feel special too.

    So lovely Jo - there is something about being trusted by wild animals that is heartstoppingly wonderful.
    Lucky you

  5. Thanks girls, I will post a pic of the fledglings when they hatch if mum will allow x

  6. I can't see no eye in that pic.... give me a clue as to where I should be looking....
    Gorgeous eggies.... lets hope the cats don't find the babes x

  7. Kirsty - Look towards the bottom of the pic and put your glasses on hehe, double click on it first of course. I believe they build their nests so close to humans to afford them the protection from cats etc. x

  8. OMG, you're so lucky to have that in your garden! How beautiful. I want pictures when the eggs hatch!!!