Friday, 4 February 2011


  • Not sure if the SAHM thing is for me - I seem to get lazier by the day.
  • I have started the Slimming World diet, I don't normally mention that I am dieting because I am rubbish at it - but I am sticking to this one.  I need to lose about 15kgs!!!
  • I went to a friends house on Sunday night (girls night) she lives about 500m away.  Walking home in the dark is still totally bizarre to me.  I ran through the dark bits completely freaked out.  I am not sure I will ever get used to it although my teens have, Scott walks home at midnight often.
  • It is Erin's birthday on Sunday she will be 15! I am a bit depressed about not being able to go all out for the 3rd year in a row.  We are still not where I would like to be financially.  She won't mind though she is so easy to please.  Scott on the other hand....
  • I think we all need a holiday.  The dull days are getting to all of us we are even starting to mention it when the sun pops through the clouds.


  1. Hats off to your for dealing with the grey for as long as you have - i admire you for that.

    Re the weight thing - in the same place as you - would like to lose 10 but don't have the energy. Let me know how you go.

    Havent' received book yet - and also haven't paid you yet! Deleted the mail you sent me with yr details -all i remember is that it's absa. Pls resend.

    Happy weekend and birthday celebrations! xxx

  2. I have had enough of the Summer so will quite happily send you some.
    Hope Erin's birthday goes off well.
    Holidays are good for the family too hope you can go and just getaway.

  3. I am with Shayne...I admire you for the way you have been dealing with the dull grey days.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend and that Erin enjoys her birthday.


  4. Feb is the hardest month in the UK. Book a cheap, last minute deal to the Canary Islands.... I recommend Teneriffe for your Teens, and Gran Canaria for you and Paul :)

  5. Hi Clare! :-) I hope Erin had a very happy birthday yesterday; maybe there was even a glimpse of sunshine? The weekend weather was gray and cold here but I can't help feeling a tiny bit of optimism that spring is on the way. It's been such a long winter! I just started going to the gym, as I've gained a size and a half and refuse to buy new pants. Good luck to both of us!!

  6. Happy birthday to Erin! I got excited last week because I saw a piece of the asphalt. It's all covered up again with snow now but it was a glories moment! XX

  7. Spending a lovely evening catching up on all the blogs...glad to hear things going well, and trust me you will get used to the whole SAHM thing ;0)