Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Back to normal

Scott's friend from SA left today (she has been here for 4 weeks) so it's back to normal from tonight except that my Mum is 80 tomorrow so the routine of school etc. will only kick in on Thursday.  School is very different for the kids here come January - both of mine go back to write a couple of exams each no easing in gently. 

I will be starting to work with DH, hopefully with a dash of enthusiasm as I am enjoying my lazy days at home.  I am also considering joining the gym closest to us about 10km away and situated behind the school Erin goes to, so I could drop her off a couple of mornings a week instead of her catching the bus (only problem is she can catch the bus) it would have been ideal if I dropped her off everyday normally.  I am finally seeing a physio for my knee tomorrow which is feeling a lot better since Kirsty gave me some advice but it is still not healed.   I have always been a fast walker and I now notice myself trailing behind people so I am really hoping the physio will have some answers and we find out what is actually wrong with it before I turn into a complete couch potato.

I am going to break out my camera a bit later when Scott and Erin get home as I want to take some family pics to give to my Mum, could be fun but I have warned both of them that I will be taking the pics and that I expect 100% co-operation, Erin has agreed but I am not so sure about Scott.  Lets see I may just post a couple tomorrow.


  1. 'Back to normal' is always good..hope you have a great year ahead!

    Looking forward to seeing the pics.

  2. keep us posted on that knee...and good luck with the family photos, I have been trying to get mine done since 1 Jan with no luck lol
    p.s. good luck with the "new" job

  3. They better co-operate or else I will stick my camera in their face at every given opportunity come June! ;-)

  4. Mel - I got the pics, not great but at least they sat down and tried!

  5. Heppi Noo Year! :)
    Was wondering about your knee.... hope you get it fixed soon... otherwise fly out here, and I can get my paws on it ;)
    Pls post the pics x x

  6. PS - I think some esoteric being is trying to send me some messages! The word verification thingy on Lynettes blog asked me to spell "PURE" - most apt for her 2011 word...and now yours has just asked me to spell "momisin"... is that not a message for you to remain a SAHM for a wee while longer?? ;0)

  7. I suppose there's no easing-in, in January - because it's the middle of the school year (kind of) ? I think it makes it nice to have two things to look forward to every year - Summer holidays - and then again, Christmastime. Better than having it altogether eh?

  8. Kirsty - I will take that momisin as a 'sign' thanks for the day off. btw just got back from physio, osteoarthritis on the inside 'cushion' cant remember the name with an m so lose weight, exercises and go back in 3 weeks. x

  9. meniscus - that would be the "m" word
    Do yourself a favour, and buy some liquid glucosamine (can buy at the the big tesco pharmacy sections)
    Must be 1000mg, and must be liquid form.... great research to prove that it really does help replensih cartilage and therefore slow down progression OA. (Thats osteoarthritis, not oldage)
    If your knee is locking, painful clicking ir giving way, then your meniscus may have a degenerative tear... which is best treated with surgery (Keyhole - so not huge) Just bear that in mind if it's not improving, and ask for an orthopaedic referral now, a may take 6 months before you get one.

  10. I for one love "normal". I hope your knee is sorted out soon.