Saturday, 8 January 2011


This week I have been totally 'blown away' by technology.  Humour me here okay?

It was my Mums 80th on Wednesday and Scott called Devin in Joburg so that he could speak to Granny, he called him from his iPhone on Skye - free and then handed the phone to my Mum with the speaker phone on and of course Devin appeared on the screen - whoa, seriously, I was quite taken aback.  I had been using my iPhone as a mini computer but had never realised that I had the facility on my phone.   Imagine how my Mum felt although she is not the most demonstrative person around so it certainly looked like I was the more impressed.  I then called my mate Mel this morning from my iPhone to try it out and there she was in all her glory with her brood at the ready for a chat.  So yes, I am even more impressed with my iPhone which is only the iPhone 3GS so maybe I will have to upgrade to the 4.

And then this baby: 
The Tesco Grocery bar code scanner iPhone app, which enables customers to buy products while on the go. I am loving it, Mel I reckon this is enough to get you to move to the UK?  Have a walk around the kitchen, bathroom etc. and just scan away and order - hey presto the guy delivers it the next day.  We had our first delivery the week and I am hooked. 


  1. Wow, i would be hooked with the grocery thing too! I keep on saying to DH that the Iphone is the way to go, he disagrees and says it won't last? Hmm, not so sure. Perhaps the UK are more geared up for it?

  2. oh oh oh . that is me having a moment.... :-)

    that grocery app is worthy of a moment!!!! jislaaik, if I could order 6 months of sunshine along with my groceries I would move tomorrow!

    was so AWESOME to chat this morning - it was almost like having coffee together...oh wait - you were drinking coffee! :-)


  3. I don't have an iPhone, as I have another brand of smartphone, so no Tesco app for me. However, I do love some of the fab apps available for the Android phone, and you're right, being able to Skype with family abroad is wonderful!!

  4. Wow!
    Technology sure is changing the world - soon noone will need to leave there homes - ever!
    Especially in long winters it would be fabulous not having to go shopping.

    I have to say though, I am a bit of a mall rat: love being out there, and if a coffee date with a friend can be thrown in, what a pleasure!

  5. @ Allie, I so agree with you that is the problem here you DONT have to go out of the house you can even get your meat delivered frozen from anywhere in the EU! My Mum refuses to get groceries delivered because she reckons it would be the end of her - never going out even if it is only to the shops. Oh and the friend for a coffee :(

  6. how finding myself more and more drawn to this iphone, only problem is I am such a blinking loskop that I am not allowed to own any phones which don't come free with my £10 contract lol.

  7. I would have been sold on the grocery shopping without visiting the shop...I hate shopping.

  8. That is what I miss the most about England online grocery shopping! The English have really perfected the whole online shopping experience!

  9. oi! i have been gone A WEEK and NO UPDATES??? Get blogging immediately!