Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Doggie People

I have always considered myself to be a doggie person and a serious one at that - NOT.  After yesterday I am sooo not hard core.  I have now started working with DH and yesterday went out on a few 'taste trials'.  The customer (the pet) gets a chance to try out the food before their owner buys, so a bit of holding my breath going on yesterday, not a problem though all of them loved it.  

I arrived at the first taste trial and could hear the dog THROWING itself against the door, heard the owner put it away before coming to the door with the other dog in her arms (to stop it running in the road), okay chaos already as the dog that was locked away was barking up a storm.  She lets the barking dog out and it then proceeds to run around like a lunatic!! I noticed that its behaviour seemed a little strange, turns out the dog is blind, has a severe hair lip and some sort of brain damage.  OMG!  It later took a polite little dump in a corner because obviously not so easy to train a brain damaged dog.  Poor woman certainly made of much stronger stuff than myself.  I don't think I could  couldn't have taken on an such a needy animal.

The next trial the woman had 4 dogs in a house the size of ours, all very clean mind you but again chaos! She had taken in a friends dog because she got divorced and one of the other dogs belonged to her father but his new girlfriend doesn't like it.  Again, no-ways I would have done it.

So I think I may be normal after all.


  1. geez. they all sound bloody barmy. you may be just left of normal though...they are all the way out of bounds!

  2. Nah, not quite normal!

    You are definately more of a 'doggie' person than most - you're just still quite sane and not completely demented like those lot!

  3. I always used to think of myself as more of a cat person. But now, I swing both ways (ha ha).

  4. grrr - I have now left 3 comments that have all been eaten and vaporised into the black hole...
    anyhoo: wanted to say: Lordy-be! Could not have any special needs dog...
    AND - I need a retail therapy trip to the UK.
    thatisall - in case my comment gets vapourised again

  5. I always thought I was a dog lover too,til I faced the facts. Dogs are great, but cats are better.

  6. LOL! They are in serious need of the Dog whisperer.

  7. LOL....I'm a dog person..but a special needs dog...dont think i could quiet handle that!

  8. Fascinates me how people manage to keep any dogs in this country! I love dogs, I've had all shapes and sizes, terriers to Great Danes, all of them in SA so they never stayed in the house. I can't stand dogs in the house, apart from the fact the house always has a faint doggie odour, but where the hell are you supposed to keep them?! The houses here are too small unless you can afford a mansion. Where do they sleep? The people we know let their dogs sleep in the kitchen at night. Urgh. I don't let my cats anywhere near the kitchen. And when you take them for a walk you have to pick up poo IN PUBLIC! Regardless of whether it's a good firm one or a puddle of poo! Arggghhh!! And you have to walk them in ALL weathers, twice a day. Nope, dogs in the UK are a no-no for me. I prefer dogs outside I'm afraid!

  9. I must agree with you, the English certainly do seem to take their dog / owner relationships to a new level and I never cease to have a giggle when I see them out in the driving snow walking their precious pooches who are wearing little shoes so their feet don't get cold (the dogs that is not the owners). Must say they all seem to be lovely people though and I spend lots of time chatting to them in the park while Nick plays with the dogs (the closest he is getting to one for as long as I have to pick up the poop in a packet and take it home with me lol).
    Enjoy your new job, such an exciting time for you guys

  10. I have to agree with dogs in the house I hate it but you really dont have an option here, I really try to keep on top of the smell etc. but it is difficult and I am sure it smells from time to time. Picking up the poo is a breeze when your dog eats this food we peddle :)

  11. That would cure the most ardent dog lover, I would guess :-)

    You? Lover of your own dogs, yes
    Otherwise - on merit.
    Am I close?

  12. Allie - you are very close. I take to the odd one I 'meet' but they mustnt be too spoilt or too subservient either.