Monday, 2 April 2012

More Random Stuff!

Just got back from having a routine mammogram, it was my first personal experience of the NHS hospitals, wow, appointment at 2.15 - seen at 2.15 and out in 10 minutes.  So can't complain at all and the staff were friendly  which is something that I notice straight away because it is not necessarily a given in these parts and the equipment quite clearly the latest there is.    And as we are talking boobs I have discovered that I can hold a pencil under mine if my arms are at my sides, if I breath in and hold up my arms and tilt back slightly it falls out!  Amazing what you can do at 49!

On the subject of age, a guy phoned into the office last week, spoke to me and said 'I spoke to someone last week - a younger woman' - what the....... couldn't he just of said someone with a different accent?   And he was expecting me to be attentive after that - not!

Both of my teens have had a good dabble with alcohol this weekend.  Scott went out on Saturday night and spent most of the evening puking but more little Penny Pie slept out at a good friends house last night,  she came home fairly early this morning as she had some holiday revision classes to attend at school ( they are on holiday for 2 weeks)  I was still in bed as was DH and she immediately sat down and told us what she had done - drank lots and lots of beer!  I managed to stay completely calm even though I was terribly concerned.  But what can you do other than educate them on the dangers of their behaviour?  The friends Mum was there? Should I speak to her?  not sure Penny's relationship with her friend could withstand is after all normal behaviour to a lot of people in this country and that would open a can of 'class rules' which I would hate to get into a debate about.

I am not sure if I mentioned on my blog that I am studying Sociology, yep even down for my first exams in June, I will be writing them at the local high school as a private candidate.  I am thoroughly enjoying the subject matter but the past exam papers I have are way out of my league so I have got quite a bit of work to do before June, fortunately my job is quiet in the afternoons so I get to put in a good hour or two. 

Summer is around the corner, our little town is looking at its best, daffs everywhere you look and we have even had a few days of blue skies....not sure I am 'feeling' it just yet though. 



  1. allie says:
    Nice to hear everything ran so smoothly for your mam.
    Re the next bit - its a bit of a shock when the drink thing hits your kids, isn't it? Even when you know its part of growing up.
    Glad that your young lady came clean with you though: that should make you feel safer about it all.
    Good luck with your exams - I take my hat off to you!
    V-e-r-y impressive :-)

  2. Lovely to hear nice things about the NHS; I hope Cameron and Osborne don't shred your health system into bits. :-( Did your mammo hurt? The last one I had was sooo painful, I actually shouted out while the nurse was crushing my tit. I was loud enough that another nurse came into the office to make sure everything was okay. Embarrassing, yes, but man, it was killing me!

    The drinking was bound to happen sooner or later, so maybe it's good your teens are experimenting while still living at home with wise and loving parents. I'm so pleased that your daughter talked to you about what she'd been up to---that's really great! Wonderful that you two are communicating so well again. Sounds like your reaction was pitch perfect, caring but not freaking out. Well done!

  3. I still hate going for a mam. Just thinking of it makes me cringe.

    We all go through the drinking part with all of our kids...and it is never pleasant. But they grow up and do what they have seen their parents do and that is reassuring. You are blessed that your DD came clean and didn't try to hide it from you.

  4. I havent had a mammogram yet... but I guess now that I'm 40 it will be in my annual checklist of thingys to do...oh joy :)

  5. I havent had a mammogram yet... but I guess now that I'm 40 it will be in my annual checklist of thingys to do...oh joy :)

  6. Good going with the studies - interesting subject. Good reminder about the mammogram, something I should do soon.

  7. What??? How did I miss this post!!??

    Good to get the mam behind you - had my first one this year and it was a walk in the park, i had heard such horror stories so was quite relieved.
    Hmm, the drinking, sjo, not sure about that hey? Pity that the mom would allow it but some folk are a bit weird like that? Great that Pen came clean, you can definitely give yourselves a pat on the back! And Scott? Silly lad - hopefully puking his guts out will make him more moderate in future.

    Am really impressed with your studies - what an amazing thing to do - i swear my brain would explode into little pieces if I tried to study something serious like that. Good luck my friend!

  8. Yes...I missed this post too!

    Glad to have you back :-)