Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Still Banging On About My Job

When I lived in SA I remember watching a TV programme about a young guy that wanted to start organic pig farming and as it happens he was also one of Jamie Oliver's best mates.  It was one of those trials and tribulations of starting up a business type productions and I quite enjoyed it, the guys name was Jimmy Doherty and I think they called the programme 'Jimmy's Farm' which is the name of his business today.  Fairly recently Jimmy came to the estate to film a programme about something completely different and I had a early morning meeting with him and the crew (from Jamie Oliver's production company) and even got to make him a cup of tea in a chipped cup! (That's for another day).   I left work that day thinking it was all very surreal really, I certainly wasn't star struck or anything as Jimmy is not exactly a star by any stretch of the imagination - it was just not something I ever thought I would get to do that's all.

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