Tuesday, 25 October 2011

All Relative

I was sitting watching TV last night and playing around on my ipad 2 at the same time (multi tasking) and I ended up looking at holiday destinations and other gorgeous stuff to buy online.  I said to DH, I wish I had more savings and then we could go on a nice holiday but I just don't seem to be able to save.    Scott starts laughing at me and said 'Mom you are sitting watching cable TV playing on your iPad and feeling sorry for yourself - get a grip'.  Out of the mouth of babes even if they are 18!  


  1. Allie says:
    Smart lad.
    Ja, its easy to overlook what we have when we look too hard at what we don't hey?

  2. Hah - I can absolutely relate!

    Thought: Wouldn't mind a trip to the US next year to take the kids to Disneyworld, pity we aren't saving as much as we could.

    Reality: Moved 9000km around the world 3.5 months ago, furnished a house from scratch with everything my little heart desired, did up the kids rooms, buy new clothes for everyone every month, sky+, unlimited hi-speed BT internet, eat like kings compared to when we were in SA, live in safety in a quintessential English village. Is it possible my standards are just a tad high?


    I feel ya!

  3. Trust a kid to put you in your place. But then again a holiday in an exotic destination can only be awesome.