Tuesday, 18 October 2011

All things Harry Potter

We had someone come in yesterday to demonstrate how this gorgeous male barn owl (only 6 months old) can deliver the wedding bands to the groom during the wedding ceremony.  Do I look like I am in my element?  He was completely stunning and softer than anything I had ever felt before.  So now I will be doing my best to 'sell' him to brides (got one already).

It also looks like I will have to pay for the damage to the statues and drive half way across the country to deliver them to a foundry that specialises in restoration of all things hundreds of years old.  The guy I spoke to was very sympathetic though once I explained my situation and he promised me he would sort something out.  I will keep you posted.


  1. 1. I would be willing to get married again, in a totally Harry Potter-esque garb and theme, JUST to experience that owl thing. SO COOL.

    2. Not cool about the statues. Track down those kids and nail them.

  2. I can see how happy you are with that owl in hand;-)

    :-( on the statues...I hope the guy fixing it will be gentle on your pocket. I am with Ness on this track down the kids and nail them;-)