Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday 12 June

Work is becoming more challenging and interesting everyday.  I feel very comfortable with the job but at the same time I have never been put into so many situations that are difficult for me to handle/keep quiet!  All sounds very typical for me.... keeping quiet - challenging!

This week alone I was standing at the copier when the guys I work with started to discuss the fact that the owner of the estate had killed 4 fox cubs the night before but 1 had manage to get away so he was describing in great detail where the gamekeeper would find him in order to kill him.  I really do like foxes and the position that they are put in is really so unfair.  The estates like the one I work at (btw I didn't know all this stuff until now) create an unnatural situation by raising hundreds if not thousands of pheasants and partridge in order to shoot them.  The foxes then breed at a rapid rate due to the abundance of food available to them.  The gamekeepers also spend huge amounts of time killing rabbits another source of food for foxes so the whole thing is a fuck up!

So I stood and kept quiet!  You would have been proud of me.  I had to question myself though but this is the new me I have to attend the Annual Shoot BBQ in a week or two where I will get to mingle with over hundred 'shooters' I refuse to call them hunters - they shoot bunnies and birds for goodness sake.  They all seem like very nice guys though, it is a way of life for them, bought up on it and if they knew my real feelings on what they do it could jeopardize my position.

I got to work in the bar last night for the first time in my life - I have never pulled a pint!  It was a lot of fun and keeping busy certainly made the evening go quickly.


  1. First of all, I owe you an email...promise havent forgotten :-)

    Well done n keeping your mouth shut :-) That whole hunting thing upsets me greatly.

  2. Good on you for keeping your mouth shut - couldn't have been easy, i'm not sure i would have managed it!

    The hunting thing bothers me too, but living on a farm now it does 'make sense' in certain situations

  3. WOW! you have certainly come a long way - i guess you cant impose your views on people that see this as a sport. Believe it or not I agree with you; its unnatural circumstances supported by an unnatural sport. Just ick

  4. I can understand that it must have been difficult to keep quiet...I don't know how you are going to stand the Annual Shoot BBQ.


  5. My sympathies on the shooting situation. I have trouble watching kids in my kindergarten torture the bugs they find outside (why do kids do that???), so I can only imagine how you feel about the foxes, rabbits, and birds. Terrible shame that some people are entertained by killing animals. Well done on finding the strength to just let it be, for your job's sake.

    Working in the pub at the estate sounds fun! Glad to hear you're being challenged and are enjoying yourself.

  6. You're a much stronger person than I am, there is no way I would be able to keep my mouth shut! I have very strong views regarding hunting - especially for 'sport', and having seen first hand animals who have suffered terrible cruelty at the hands of so-called humans, I know I would say something and end up being fired.