Tuesday, 28 June 2011


My blogging mojo has been missing for some time now - but I wouldn't consider stopping, I know that anyone that reads it probably gets a bit frustrated with the whole thing,  I suppose I am no longer sure what to write about.  Work is a tricky one as we all know and when you work most of the time and it is the most exciting part of your day then hey what do you write about?  I find that if I write my opinion on anything - people scatter :) there are lots of issues I would willing put pen to paper on but its all so tricky.

I am at work at the moment way past the time I normally leave but I am waiting for a bunch of models and crew to arrive from London and they are stuck in traffic.  Their delivery guy dropped off the clothes earlier - still my beating heart he was soooo easy on the eye and a Welsh accent to go with it,  he called the dresses 'frocks' - how cute is that?  So here I am waiting for a bunch of very beautiful people including one of the worlds most famous fashion photographers......

A delivery company also called and asked how late I would be here to receive a delivery from Louis Vuitton - obviously stuff for the shoot or someone is sending me a handbag - not.    Oooooh cant wait to be hanging around when they open that box.

I joined the gym yesterday - not that I have much time to go but I am going to make time!  I wasn't allowed to actually use the gym yesterday due to health and safety reasons I first have to spend an hour with a trainer but I was allowed to swim (you get used to the health and safety thing here in the UK and start to pre-empt it at every turn).  So I embarrassed Erin and the two of us swam - serious character building stuff for her, Mum swimming in a costume with pant legs, mascara under my eyes and a nose clip hehe.

Speaking of E, I am still not officially speaking to her or her to me but we mumble which suits me just fine and she has agreed to 'sell' raffle tickets at one of my events this coming weekend and I am not paying her as we get so many invitations to parties/functions for the whole family that it's time to give back she seemed okay with that though.  Next week she will be meeting the entire county football team so that should make up for it too, that little bb is going to be working overtime.


  1. I've been battling with the blogging thing too. I think we all go through that at some stage hey?
    And hey, I am keen to hear your opinions on stuff :-)

    Lets hope they 'forget' that LV handbag behind :-)

  2. Your works sounds so exciting...take a pic with you and the LV, okay?

  3. Sjoe man, your life sounds so exciting!! Stop overthinking the blog and just say what you want. I really hate that you blog so seldom - SUCH A TREAT when I see you have updated. Am utterly stoked that you have joined the gym - I will be bugging you regularly to make sure you go 3x a week - no excuses. Your job sounds amazing Jo, really exciting, just up your alley!

  4. Hayley, Lynette - it appears that the handbags are not handbags after all but - shoes!!!!

    Mel - very exciting!! and I am going to gym again tonight so that will be the 2nd time.

  5. Oooooh, I do love a Welsh accent, too! I'd love to hear a little bit more about the actual shoot, if you feel comfortable passing on even just the smallest details. Like, were there male models? What were they wearing? :-)

    Glad to hear you and Erin have figured out a way to communicate that suits you both, for now. It does get old just yelling at each other, doesn't it? I guess sometimes people need a break from each other, which is kind of impossible when they live together, so maybe not talking is one way to deal with that. Don't a lot of English people simply ship their kids off to boarding schools? ;-)

  6. Michele as always you hit the nail on the head!