Monday, 18 April 2011


I haven't updated my blog for 2 weeks and I have no idea why?  I have lots going on, nothing life threatening or anything but important all the same.

 I am feeling very disconnected to a lot of my blogging buddies :(  left out somehow and it's feels unfair as I am able to chat with them just as easily as I could in SA.  Please add me to your whats app if you have it, I have a iphone so bbm doesn't work for me and then we can CHAT.

I am still constantly amazed by technology, yesterday I was reading in bed with my laptop open on the bed too with Devin chatting to us on skype whilst he was connected to Erin's computer downloading some software for her via teamviewer.  It was as if he was in the room with us, I in fact carried on reading whilst he worked listening to him tinkling in the background.   :)

I am taking no photos :( I have my little camera but my biggie is not working and I am not feeling flush enough to send it in besides the fact that I would love to upgrade it anyway, the price to fix it is about half of the cost of a upgraded new one.  Of course this is not the only reason I am not taking pics, my teens are as usual full of the proverbial and landscape pics require my biggie.  Steph - whats your secret you seem to be able to photograph yours teens?

Both Erin and Scott have their heads permanently in their school books, huge exams coming up for Scott and he is putting a lot of effort in.  Erin is working without any nudges - amazing to see, considering that she was completely written off by the South African schools she attended and a couple of others after she wrote their entrance exams.  The school she is at here has a complete remedial centre and I was expecting to hear from them - not once, she is not considered to need any assistance.


  1. I am struggling to take photos too - well of my teen anyway. She is just not interested in the camera, as a result I have a million of Olivia and none of her - causes some problems when it comes to scrapping!

    Isn't skype divine? Perhaps we should link up? Ours is down at the mo (our wireless aerial was hit by lightning) but when we're back on?

    And no to the book. Crazy huh? The postage here seriously sucks.

  2. No worries J, when I get there (end of June!) I will be getting an iPhone too - so then Whatsapp is going on straight away. Skype *is* amazing huh? I've got my mom all set up - and so she is already getting used to talking to the kids that way.

  3. Welcome back, I have been thinking about you and wondering how things are going. Give me a shout any time you have a minute for a good chat and lets catch up....speaking of which we really should try and arrange another "soufend-on-sea" before this little bundle arrives and I go into hibernation :0)

  4. One word = bribery.
    Also I am flipping quick. Their patience runs out after a couple of takes so I have to snap fast and well first time. I have downloaded whatsapp but have no idea what to do from there. Now the phone is flat again and needs re-charging anyway.
    I am missing you too, no comments and I seem to miss you on FB as well.

  5. Have been wondering how you were, and where you were.
    Good to hear from you again :-)

  6. :-) Thank goodness for WhatsApp huh? xxx

  7. Skype is pretty cool - don't have whats app yet. Didn't want to answer your question on my blog - we are going to be in SA the WHOLE summer holiday! Traveling around - mostly Cape Town and Durban :)

  8. Two weeks? Heck, doll... I've not done mine for weeks and weeks!! :D But you have my number... call me if you ever want a natter - we still have to find a way of hooking up to meet! :-)

  9. I still haven't downloaded the WhatsApp, Clare---sorry about that. To be honest, I'm not very good at talking on the phone, never have been. Don't know why, but I've always been one of those people who never answer the phone. Drives my mother crazy...