Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Quite a day today, I wrote 2 exams this morning - PowerPoint and Publisher, I spent a good few hours on them over the weekend so I flew through PP with no mistakes and 2 mistakes in Publisher so I was happy and so was my examiner.  I had planned to write Excel too but thats for another day along with one or two of the others. Judging by my notes Access could take me awhile :(

My little baby birds have hatched, too sweet and too ugly at the same time, featherless little bundles.  The mom and dad are backwards and forwards with worms, all very exciting.  I havent managed to get a pic I tried yesterday but mom was watching me from the fence so I backed off.

Spring has truly sprung around here and I am sooo feeling it.....I am like a real Brit now, if the sun is out so am I :)

It was mothers day here yesterday Erin gave me a box of Thorntons chocs, purple tulips from DH and an iphone speakers set from Scott.  Not bad not bad, for my bunch. 


  1. Isn't it so funny how we all scramble for the outdoors the minute the sun shows its face...I love the spring here, the promise of summer makes everyday seem so filled with promise :0)

  2. Funny, thinking of you as a real Brit!
    And taking your bod outside at the merest whisper of pallid sunshine hehe.

    Well done on your results, girlfriend!
    And to your children on doing the mothers day thing with style

  3. You have always been a true Brit....even when you lived here and hid in the shade! ;-)

    Congrats on the exams, nice going.

    now update your blog please.