Saturday, 23 April 2011


I had forgotten how beautiful this place is in spring - absolutely beautiful.  Maybe its because everything is smaller - the streets, the shops, the houses, the colour seems more concentrated there are literally flowers everywhere you look.  The daffs have died off now but have been replaced with tulips, and all sorts of other flowers which I unfortunately dont know the names of and of course the trees are covered in blossoms.  I have also discovered that my snotty nose could be hay fever after all.

The teens have been off this week so I have been able to take Erin to riding and I got to go along on the rides using a bicycle that belongs to my crazy friend and in case you are wondering the little rat in the basket is her dog Pookie.    Having had 3 kids hanging off the front and sides of my shopping trolleys over the years definitely came in handy trying to balance this little load in the front.  I have never been much of a cyclist but I think I may be hooked, it was fantastic cycling through the forest.  I then went back to the stables with them and hauled muck for an hour on both occasions and seriously I could hardly walk when I got in last night, I went to bed at 8.30pm.

And tonight we are off to celebrate the start of spring at a friend and yes you guessed it we are having a braai or BBQ Brit style,  DH is head chef so maybe he can show them a thing or two.   And then next week it's the wedding and we are all getting spruced up for that, cant wait!


  1. What a delightful photo - so nice to see you! You sound happy and stoked with life - Spring has sprung in more ways than one yes?

    Cycling will definitely be the way to go for your knee - make the most of the good weather and get on a bike. And gosh, mucking out stables?

    hope you having a lovely braai - happy easter to you and your clan. Love and miss you all. xxx

  2. Mel - Yep mucking out but in the field not the stables so to be honest even that was glorious watching the tiny little bunnies in and out of the grass with the big moms standing by! The weather had hit a high 25 by that stage and i was sweating :) felt hotter though. This is the hottest April on record. xx

  3. such a lovely picof u! U are sounding much cheerier, the warmer weather is obviously good for yr spirits. And u'll soon grow to enjoy the bicycle, good exercise too x

  4. Agree with Mel, so awesome to hear you sound so happy. And love these pretty.

    Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

  5. Very happy sounding post...isn't it AMAZING what the warm weather and lovely spring flowers can do for the spirits...glad you in such a good place xxx

  6. Isn't spring just the best time of year? I think it takes a long, cold, gray winter to help one truly appreciate how spectacular it is to see color and life again, and we both had that kind of winter, right? So we deserve this!!! I'm envious of your seeing the baby bunnies in the field. You live in such a lovely place.

  7. If you're all hayfevery, try drinking some nettle tea! Tesco and the like will have it, the organic Clipper range is the best. Drink it like rooibos. It has made a huge difference for me, it's worth a try! xxx

  8. Misty Mum - thanks will try it today!

    Michele - You are so right about the definition in the seasons, nothing taken for granted.

    Hayley - thanks and you too. Just ate too much choc as usual :(

    Shayne - Thanks for the compliment, I am getting less vain over the years and decided to post the pic regardless.

    Andrea - great to chat to you yesterday x

  9. Agree with Michele about appreciation for Spring. I have to read lovely posts likes yours to be reminded what season it is :)