Wednesday, 15 February 2012

When something is broken, torn, worn out you replace it right?  Or do you fix it? 

From experience I have found that you can fix a lot of things, sometimes things are better when they are fixed rather than just rushing out and getting a new one.  There is the excitement (of course) with getting a new one.    But  old ones can have character which you may not find in the new one, a sense of 'knowing' and feeling a certain amount of comfort with the old one.

The new one could breakdown, tear, wear out even earlier than the old one?  The new one could cost you a lot more money that the original cost you or it could turn out to be a whole lot more economical.   The older broken one is going to cost you to fix it though, and then who knows it could breakdown again?  

If it has broken before how can you trust it not to tear, wear out again?  Just when you need to know that you can rely on it, it may break again.

Often the new ones smell better though?


  1. I must confess...I throw out and buy new...unless it is very expensive and can be fixed.

  2. Wth? Woman? You cannot write a blog post like this! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???

    If its a toaster - get a new one.
    If its a car - fix it.
    If its a husband - keep it.
    Word on street is new husbands are far harder to train these days. ;-)

  3. Yes...agree with Mel...whats up? :-)

  4. Time for another blog post! This one got me a bit concerned...

  5. Dear Jo.
    It is time you spoke to us here again.
    We miss you.
    That. is. all.
    Except I send lots of love to you.