Tuesday, 19 February 2013

X Factor

Have you ever thought about putting yourself through the horror of competing on something like the X Factor? As a person with little or no talent in anything of that nature I could think of nothing worse.  

Yesterday I went for my 2nd interview for the job I mentioned in the last post.  I was firstly subjected to an hour long test which wasn't too bad after all,  I was fairly relieved I was a nervous wreck about whether I would manage. 

I then faced the two guys I would be working with for over an hour......flip talk about stress!  Me on one side of the desk them on the other, firing squad came to mind.  They were very pleasant and didn't throw too many difficult questions my way but whatever you answer you come away thinking I should have said the opposite.

 'What would be your favourite part of this job?'
 'What would your previous employer say about you?' 
 'What are you not very good at??'
'Would getting to work 15 minutes early and leaving 15 minutes late worry you?'  - 'no not at all I don't have a life outside of my job??

You get the drift.

And after all that it's between me and 2 other women so I feel like I am standing on a stage with a woman either side and drum roll.......the winner is.........


  1. You're very brave, Jo!
    I havent been for a job interview in decades - I'd be scared stiff!
    And part 2 of this one sounds hideous: I'm not good at fast answers to questions like those, are you?
    I hope you get the job
    Let us know, hey?

  2. I can just imagine how scary that was. I don't like it when questions that make such a big difference are fired at you and you don't have time to think before you answer. I do hope that you are successful in getting this position

  3. Ugh, I hate job interviews more than almost anything. Everyone is just so...judge-y. It's like everything about you is up for assessment--your clothes, your hair, your age, your job history, your skills, every word and gesture. It's horrendous. You have all my sympathy and my admiration, Jo, and my hope that you get good news at the end of all of this. Fingers crossed for you, girlfriend. xoxo