Monday, 11 February 2013

Frying My Brain

I am studying at the moment.....nothing exciting just Word - yes just Word and Excel, I am admittedly doing the 'more' advanced stuff but Word nonetheless    I suppose just from reading that last sentence you can tell that I am not in the best frame of mind - doubting myself, not giving what I am doing any worth or that it would have any relevance to you (reader).  I haven't used any form of Ms Office for over a year so I have to brush up and gosh is my brain burning!

I am feeling pretty sorry for myself at the moment, I really do have a lot going on in my life but it looks like I have nothing going on in my life.  I am once again in the unfortunate position of looking for a job.  I have been working for a wedding chair cover company for just over a year and they have decided to move the sales team down to their warehouse in another county.  So I have been made redundant.  Pretty simple really and all on good terms I even went down to the warehouse and trained up the new 'ladies' and got to see another part of the UK - Kent which is really really nice even at this time of the year.  I nearly took the wrong lane on the highway (on purpose) on my way down, it was so tempting to just drive through the tunnel and think that I would pop up in Paris!  But nah I stuck to the 'right' lane and did the 'right' thing.

so I am job hunting hence the Word and Excel brush up, and I went for an interview last week for a really super position could be a bit fast paced for me but at the same time within my capabilities (if I sufficiently brush up on my Word and Excel).  I am now waiting to see if I get called for a 2nd interview which will entail tests.  Working in this country can be really tough they expect a lot from people! I am also a little nervous of the people here because they are really so different.  If you watch Downton Abbey notice how no-one has an opinion or if they do they don't have the balls to share it!  No-one shows any emotion - nothing, and my worst - people don't greet each other instantly - they mutter and warm up later, something I repeatedly forget. Me being the tell you my life story in a day (make that an hour) kinda person this is very challenging!!  My DH works in a large office now and complains of the same thing but like anything you get used to it with time.  

All in all this is not a good time of the year for me to be in this predicament as the weather is so incredibly dull in Jan/Feb but I wont bore you with the muddy garden and 2 dogs and a daughter that is studying equine management that chucks her muddy boots off at the door when she comes home at night (inside the door btw).


  1. Sheesh - not easy to have to look for a job again, Jo.
    I hope you get the one that you're after and that it turns out to stimulating and fun.
    You need to find a company that employs Aussies and Seffricans so you can be as out there as you like - and get the same back :-)

    So good to "hear your voice" again
    Keep it going, k?

  2. Good to hear from you. So how is your Mum doing, all teh best with Word and Excel. I have forgotten most of teh advance stuff, just practise and you will get it very quickly. Have a great day.

  3. @Allie - you are so right! 'we' are considered to be arrogant and aggressive especially the SA men. We are different though - very. Thanks for the shove!
    @Linda - Thanks for still being there lol. My Mum bless her passed away on the 4 Nov so a while ago now I do miss her and so often want to 'show' her something or 'tell' her something.

  4. Just when I thought you have dropped off the earth...welcome back. I hope you get a super job and I can't imagine working with such unemotional people.