Monday, 5 September 2011

Sunday 4 September

Since my last post
  • I had a quiet birthday and turned 49.  I am having a age crisis though, seriously struggling with this aging thing.  Seriously I am a bit ashamed really I feel pathetic on top of it.
  •  I had a couple of friends around for snacks and drinks and I got completely bored half way through.  Oh dear.....
  • Scott bought me a bottle of Michael Kors perfume, its divine and must suit me as people mention it all the time.
  • Scott turns 18 very soon and is having his party at the hall (work) OMG brat!!  Then all his 100 friends are camping on the croquet lawn.  
  • I tried some clothes on at a boutique yesterday that I fancied, I looked completely ridiculous - changing your style at 49 doesn't work regardless of the upcoming fashion.  I cant do knitted dresses, gorgeous leggings and even more gorgeous knee high boots!
  • Went to London last weekend for 2 days - LOVED it so did DH, we really need to do it more often, it was the first time we have actually walked around, shopped and chilled there.  We went on New Years Eve for a few hours but this was our first real trip since we got here.
  • My friend/neighbour that I have grown quite fond of turned on me!  She has had a stroke so she has a few problems but I witnessed them for the first time and it wasn't pretty - we are no longer friends - pity.  Her husband said to me it was only a matter of time.  
  • By 10am this morning I had ordered a book I couldn't get on Kindle, clothes and shoes and will probably have them tomorrow or latest Tuesday.  I am addicted to online shopping.
  • I have a big event coming up at work and I am starting to stress!! The making or breaking of me.
  • I am off now for 2 days as one of my best friends from Joburg is coming to stay.  I should be cleaning the house instead of doing this, anything to avoid hard core housework.


  1. Tks for updating! Clearly I need to Skype you cos I want details of a few things.... Hmmmm, this aging thing ain't for sissies I tell ya but you gotta just LIVE yr best life th best you can. And avoid mirrors. ;).

    I think you should put links to the clothes and shoes you bought. And what book you ordered. Curious George and all.

    Great post, chat soon.

  2. Lovely post! I haven't spent time in London yet either, but I am 'itchin' to get on the train by myself and just go. Even if I have to have a girls weekend by myself! Am downright jealous the hubby goes once a week for work. The style thing is all a mindset. My mom went skydiving when she was 55 so I imagine that you'll probably do a few things that will really surprise you soon.

  3. Age really creeps up on us...I have been feeling it lately;-)

    It is good to hear what is happening in your life...enjoy your time with your Jozi friends.


  4. The aging thing is hard to come to terms with, no doubt. Have I told you about how I'm obsessed with my turkey neck? And my droopy eye? I can barely stand to see photos of my ravaged self. Ahh well, what can we do? The alternative to aging is kind of dismal, so we better learn to deal with it.

    Happy belated birthday! So glad you enjoyed your trip to London. Sorry to hear about the drama with your neighbor. :-(

    See you soon, you gorgeous woman you. xxoo

  5. Happy happy. Don't think of it as a number.. just a year wiser...