Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sad Times

I had a frivolous and light post planned to on Friday night and then with the news of the bombings and shooting in Oslo it just didn't seem appropriate.  Such a gentle and peaceful nation it is going to take sometime before they bounce back - although STRONG is something I would tag any Norwegian.

So I thought I would write about something I know little about but my closest friends know lots about GOD.

Where I work we hire certain rooms out for weddings we also have the most beautiful and charming little church on the estate, I love going in there and as a traditionalist at heart I find it very peaceful.   Sadly, the church is not used very often for weddings as most of the couples getting married choose to have 'civil' ceremonies.  I have never attended a 'civil' wedding before so it was quite a surprise to hear that God, Heaven or anything related is 'not allowed' to be mentioned during the ceremony.  Oh I didn't like that!! I hear some of my friends sniggering :)  I mentioned this to a colleague who abruptly laughed in my face and said but there is no God or Heaven anyway so why are you surprised?  The pianist started to play and the wedding began. Conversation over......

This colleague is very interested in starting a blog - more a business blog than personal as she is quite a private person so I often chat to her about blogs.  I was reading Caz's blog on Friday during lunch and I read her 16 July post to my colleague to illustrate Caz's healing process on the loss of her baby nearly 2 years ago.  My colleague burst into tears!  The post was about Heaven...interesting?  And she has never lost a baby.


  1. Yes, Norwegians are strong... and it will take a strong nation to move past the tragedies of Friday, and continue to be peace-loving. It is so sad that it was a Norwegian who caused this chaos. :-(

  2. Yes, what happened in Norway was sad...and it was interesting that they turned to the church in their grief and hope service.

    I could never imagine getting married "civil" without the blessing of the Lord on the marriage.


  3. Allie said:

    "Clare", I wonder if sometimes the people who are the most vocal about not believing in God or heaven, don't secretly wish it were true, but have been raised being told it was all rubbish.

    Your colleague's reaction might fit that profile, don't you think?
    If so, its quite possible that she will broach the subject with you again later.
    Looking for hope.
    Then you can share with her what you believe . . :-)

  4. I was raised Catholic but am now an atheist (and was married in a civil ceremony). I consider that my personal philosophy, the way I want to live my life. I don't expect people to think in the same way I do, and I would NEVER laugh at someone who expressed his/her own personal philosophy. How rude!

    Her tears at your friend's blogpost may indicate that, even though she has bad manners, she does have the capacity to feel deep empathy for someone who has experienced such a profound lost.

  5. Allie says:
    Hey sweetie!
    Are you EVER going to post again?
    We miss you.